Welcome to Pixy Cakes!

At our bakery we design and create things that make people smile! Whether you need a birthday cake, wedding cake, baby shower cake, graduation cake, or you have some other event going on, take a look and see what we can bake for you! We also offer other products such as cupcakes (off-the-shelf, or

Cala Lilies

This cake topper and the wedding cake that went with it were delivered to the Phoenecian Resort today in Phoenix, Arizona. The unique topper and side details are an elegant addition to any cake!


A Cake Your Child Can Relate To!

At Pixy Cakes, we love to make kids smile! If they smile, you smile. That’s the way it works. This cake was designed to be just like one of the characters from the movie, “Monsters Inc”. Pick your child’s favorite character. It’s sure to draw the most smiles of any birthday cake ever!


Elegant White Cake

This wedding cake is undeniably gorgeous. The cake has elegant hand detailing, or ‘filigree’ work on two of the tiers, the harlequin patterned ‘pillow’ effect on the other two tires, and sugar cala lilies finishing the look. This cake was delivered to the Sedona Golf Resort in Sedona, Arizona.

Macarons – Just for Fun!

Macarons are delicate and flavor-filled creations, but they don’t always have to be for serious occasions… Sometimes you want macarons just for fun! These macarons were designed for a birthday party.

Custom Cupcakes

If you’re looking for something great tasting, and different that you can’t buy just ‘off the shelf’, then look no further. We offer complete custom cupcakes (Special order), as well as our daily variety off the shelf. If you are looking for custom cupcake liners, as shown in this photo, we can do those

Desert Botanical Garden Wedding

This wedding cake was delivered to an outdoor wedding at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. The cake itself was designed to have a clean look, in order to feature the natural elements: the flowers, the unique cake topper, and the garden around it. This event was coordinated by BTS Event Management. Photo by Savidge

Baby Shower Cakes

Whether you are looking for a “Maternity dress” cake, a traditional cake, something for a boy, a girl, or maybe you don’t know yet… or maybe you’re thinking of having a ‘reveal’ cake made. Any which way, we can make a baby shower cake that will make your guests smile!

Birthday Cakes

This birthday cake, designed for a little girl, has such long braided hair that it curves down three layers of cake. No matter what your theme is, give us a call, we’re sure we can make something unique for your little one!

Steam Punk Wedding Cake

This wedding cake is in a distinctive ‘Steam Punk’ style, which is a blend of the technology and the unique aesthetics of Victorian times. The unique fine gold trim detail is edible.

Wide Base Cake

This cake, complete with glittering diamond base trim, serves more than you’d expect, thanks to the extra wide layers. Simplicity with unmistakably refined lines.

Birthday Cake Pops

Cake pops are a great addition to a birthday cake. They can complement just about any occasion. We make cake pops for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduations, and more!

Elegant Wedding Cupcakes

These elegant wedding reception cupcakes with custom liners are a beautiful way to complete a table arrangement. The cupcakes are displayed in glass candle holders at each place setting. Place settings and table arrangement by BTS Event Management.

Visual Appeal

Not only does our cake taste amazing, but it looks amazing too! Whether it’s dressed up in custom wrappers or wrapped in an amazing fondant overlay, with unique designs custom fit to your event, it doesn’t matter – any way you taste it, our cake is great!


Birthday Cakes

Our birthday cakes are custom made to your expectations! Pick you colors, theme, design, style, tiers, serving count, and more. If you don’t know what you want, stop by, we have thousands of ideas just waiting.


Girl Minion Cake

A very popular theme for kids birthdays is Minions, from the movie “Dispicable Me”. A minion cake can be a unique and eye-catching centerpiece for your childrens’ birthday!


Wedding Cupcakes

These blue and silver lined cupcakes are both elegant and fun. The cupcake tower was delivered to a wedding at the Secret Garden venue in south Phoenix. The ‘eat me’ text is hand painted onto a fondant disc which is placed on top of the cupcakes.


Midi Cupcakes

Midi cupcakes may be the perfect solution for your event. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, mother’s day, or some other event, smaller-sized cupcakes can be an attractive option for your guests. These midi sized double chocolate cupcakes have custom liners and pink pixy dust sprinkled on top.


Custom Cupcake Toppers

We make hand crafted artistic cake toppers for your cupcakes! If you need customized cupcakes for a special occasion, such as a birthday or baby shower, we can do it!


Beautiful Cakes

This beautiful 3-tier wedding cake was delivered to the award-winning Raven Golf Club at Verrado in Buckeye, in the west valley recently. This 3-tier cake has Salmon, Pink and Ivory-colored layers, and hand detailing. The color theme of the entire room was designed to match!


Fondant Figurines

Custom fondant creations add a unique and eye-catching finishing touch to your cake! This baby shower cake was themed with an elephant holding a balloon. Creative decorations will make your birthday or baby shower cake stand apart!


Mini Wedding Cakes

Another option for weddings is to create individual mini square wedding cakes for each of your guests. These cute little mini cakes are a big hit, and you can make beautiful displays, including mini cake display towers.


Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are a popular choice for modern weddings. They are elegant, beautiful, have all the flavor of any other cake, but avoid the problem of cakes with thick outside layers of frosting. We can make them large or small, and in any of our abundant list of popular flavors! The choice of flavored

Macarons – Macaron Towers

The bride was interested in a macaron tower, so our goal was to create one of the most beautiful, elegant, and unique macaron towers the world has ever seen! You be the judge. These macarons are unique tasting, and have a prefect crunch to them. They are hand-held, don’t require forks or plates, and can be

Make it Your Cake!

At Pixy Cakes, your design options are limitless! Customize your cake to make it a personal statement for the person it’s for. The details and color possibilities are up to you! Or, if you prefer, we can come up with a design for you!


Birthday Cakes

This elegant birthday cake for a 17 year old has hand crafted custom shapes and designs, gumpaste flowers, and a covering of fondant. Parts of this cake were hand painted, and other parts were air brushed. The pink, gold and white color theme make this a beautiful looking, completely custom and unique cake!


Rustic Wedding Cakes

Rustic county style cakes are popular these days for weddings. This hand crafted ruffled cake with burlap flowers was created for a recent wedding at the Secret Garden venue in South Phoenix.


Artistic Details

Artistic details can make a cake look spectacular! Whether it’s a birthday cake, a wedding cake, a baby shower cake, a graduation cake, or whatever other even you are celebrating, hand-crafted artistic details can set your cake apart and make it a memorable conversation piece!


Custom Cakes

We make creative birthday cakes for any birthday theme! This birthday cake looks like the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter movie series.


Cake in a Jar

We make a lot of cakes that fit into a small jar! But of course, a cake has to be pretty great in order to fit in a small jar and both look and still also taste GREAT! That’s our goal. Your final product not only has to meet our design criteria to look

Bundt Cakes

Bundt cakes are really nothing more than ’round cakes’, made in a round pan, with a hole in the center. We like to make these in smaller sizes, and in decorative pans — somewhere just bigger than a cupcake. They can be made in any flavor, with any kind of icing in the center. Really, the