Plan for Perfection. Impress with Variety!

A dessert table does not limit you to “just” a cake. It brings the possibility of a whole range of delicious items that you can select from: Cupcakes, Macarons, Cake Pops, Chocolate dipped Strawberries, Cake in a Jar, and much more, just scroll down to get an idea! We can make them all fit the same theme or color palette. Use your imagination! Fully themed desert tables separate us and are one of the reasons we’re widely known as hands down one of the best bakeries in the Phoenix Scottsdale area. People trust us, because: we deliver!

If you have one, we are happy to work with your party planner directly so you don’t have any hassles.

We also work directly with you directly if you require!

What is your inspiration? What theme do you have in mind? We can make it come to life!

Is it your little one? A unique life event? Make it a memory nobody will forget! This table was planned by a professional party planner, and delivered by us.


Add all the delicious elements of joy and surprise to your event to make it memorable!

This table was planned by a professional party planner, and delivered by us.


Casual events like birthdays can be celebrated in style! What is your child’s favorite theme?

Add class, flavor and color to formal or corporate events!

Yes, we even created many items that were on the the end-of-training-season party table that made the Chicago Cubs win the world series! We take full credit.

At home, at work or at a premium location.


Don’t compromise on the uniqueness of your even! We can bake a custom creation specifically to your criteria, or help you come up with an idea also!

Realize your dream! No matter the color or theme, we can come up with something to match!

Pink or Blue, boy or girl, whatever the celebration, we have it under control.


Unique and one of a kind, our dessert tables match your theme and design.

Bring to life ideas you had only dreamed were possible in cakes!

Make your event full of variety!

Full of color!

Lots of customization options. Anything to match your theme!

Also, full of fun!

Both for boys…

And for girls…


For intimate weddings…

Or just for fun!


On golf courses…

At special times of year…

Whatever your event, we make life more sweet!

Contact us for more information on all the things we can do for you!


Note: most of our party tables have been planned and designed by BTS Event Management and Debbie Kennedy Events. Check them out if you are looking for a party planner to take the stress and headaches out of the planning and event management for your occasion!