Ordering a Cake from Us

If you’ve never ordered a custom cake before, and you have some unanswered questions about it, you’re not alone! We get asked many of the same questions by people ordering a cake from us for the first time, so we’ve put together this handy list to give you some idea of what we are going to ask you when you order a cake.

How are Our Cakes Priced?

The basic price of our cakes is determined by the number of Servings you will need (or the number of servings you want… sometimes you may want more than you need in order to get a larger looking cake).

The price is affected by the type of cake (Buttercream, Fondant). Fondant is a little more expensive than buttercream.

The price is also affected by the shape (Round, Square, Topsy-Turvey, Custom Sculpted).

The price is also affected by the complexity of the design. Simple shapes and colors, versus very complex designs, affect the amount of time it takes us to create your cake.

Fondant Figurines or sugar-based flowers or other large design items are priced as add-ons to the cake.

How many Servings will you need?

The first question we usually ask is how many servings you will be needing. If you’re going to have 15 guests, or 150, that will determine the overall minimum size of the cake we’re going to have to make for you.


The other thing to keep in mind is, even if you only have a small number of people you need to serve, larger cakes have more room for creative freedom.

What Type of Cake Do You Prefer?


  • Some people prefer the classic buttercream finish to the outside of their cake. Buttercream can be smooth, textured, have a rosette pattern, or have a number of other treatments depending what you want.


  • Fondant is a more modern and clean finish to a cake. Not everybody likes the flavor of fondant, which is marshmallow based, but even if you want the cleaner look and custom designs that it makes possible, you don’t have to eat the fondant if you don’t want to. We still put the delicious moist cake with filling inside!


  • A good solution if you think you will have guests that prefer buttercream only, or ones that won’t mind fondant, is to have more than one tier, and more than one style. One tier can be buttercream, while another can be fondant!

Custom Sculpted Shapes

  •  For the ultimate in creative design, we can craft just about any shape you can imagine and make it into a cake. These are premium cakes, which take the most time and energy to make.

What is Your Event?


  • For birthdays, the amount of cake you need is typically a little more. We allow for birthday-cut sized pieces.
  • If you want any special plastic toys or figurines, placed on the cake, you can bring them in and let us know at the time of your order.
  • If you have specific colors in mind that you want us to match, bring in a swatch or sample!


For weddings, there are a number of different things to think about.

  • We can deliver within city limits
  • Wedding servings are smaller. We allow for the standard wedding serving size, which your venue will know how to cut.
  • Make sure you know who will be cutting/serving your cake.
  • Make sure you allow a suitable place for us to set the cake up, as we do it in advance of the reception.
  • Make sure your top ornaments, or fresh flowers that your florist provides are already there when we deliver the cake, and we can set it up completely for you.
  • If you have specific colors in mind that you want us to match, bring in a swatch or sample!

Colors, Theme & Design

Most people come to us with some idea of what the design of the cake should be. If you have no idea at all, take a look through our many photo galleries, or look online to get some ideas.

If you have a specific theme color you want us to match, bring a color sample, or fabric swatch for us to match.

Flavors and Fillings

Unlike some other bakeries, we don’t limit you to just one flavor! If you want each tier to be a different flavor, that’s just fine with us! Take a look at our Flavors & Fillings page to get some ideas.

Fondant Figurines

We can hand-craft creatures or shapes for any occasion! Take a look at our fondant figurine gallery to get some ideas of what we can do for you!


We require a 50% deposit on all orders. We also require a deposit on cupcake tower rentals.


Delivery is available within city limits for wedding cakes. A delivery fee applies. Deliveries for Quinceañera cakes or Birthday cakes may also be available (depending on our availability.)

Outdoor Considerations

Here in southern Arizona it gets fairly hot. Buttercream is made from butter, and if you put either buttercream-topped cupcakes, or a buttercream cake outdoors when it’s too warm, it will melt.